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Intergas High Efficiency boilers

Intergas is one of the largest brands in the Netherlands in the field of heating technology. Founded more than 50 years ago, the company has become a leading player in the market. With the aim of making Dutch homes a little warmer every day, Intergas focuses on innovation and the latest technological developments.

Intergas Kombi compact High Efficiency boilers

The Intergas flagship is sold under the name Kombi Kompakt. This is a high-efficiency boiler that provides both hot water and heating. Intergas was one of the first Dutch heating suppliers to bring this combination onto the market. If you are looking for a boiler that heats your home in a smart way, but has a low gas consumption, then you are looking for a Kombi Kompakt. The boiler is available in CW3, CW4 and CW5 models. So you can choose the boiler that best suits your needs.

Intergas HRE boilers

With its HRE line, Intergas is leading the evolution. Since the energy regulations changed in 2015 due to the introduction of the energy label, all Intergas boilers incorporate a smart heat exchanger. This makes it possible for both heating and hot water supply to be efficiently provided by the same device. In this way, it is only necessary to purchase a high performance combi boiler, without the need for a geyser or boiler. The use of the heat exchanger makes a fault-sensitive three-way valve unnecessary. Are you looking for a modern boiler that achieves optimal efficiency? Then the Intergas HRE is the model for you.

Intergas HRX

The latest product from Intergas is called HR Xtreme (HRX for short). This name refers to the extreme reduction in consumption of hot tap water in particular. In addition to the standard aluminium heat exchanger – used in all modern Intergas boilers – this boiler has a second heat exchanger. This functions as a heat recovery system on the flue gas outlet. By converting the residual temperature of the cooling flue gas into heat for the tap water, there has never been a more efficient boiler. It is no coincidence that this impressive boiler was voted the Best in Test by the Consumers’ Association in September 2017.

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