Solving Central Heating problems yourself

In a number of cases, you may be able to solve problems with your boiler yourself, and we will be happy to provide you with useful tips.

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Solving Central Heating problems yourself?

In certain cases, you can solve problems with your heating system yourself, for example by topping up the boiler or venting your heating. Allheating will be happy to give you the necessary information.


1. Is the gas valve open?
2. Is the plug in the wall socket?
3. If the appliance has a pilot light, check whether this is still lit.
4. If the appliance has a Reset button, reset it. If a fault code reappears, note this down and pass it on to the technician.
5. Is the thermostat set sufficiently high and is it still working?
6. Is the pressure of the central heating installation high enough? If not, top it up, see the video on this site [see manufacturer’s manual].
7. Are there enough radiators left open?
8. Ventilate the central heating installation if necessary.
9. Check if there is power in the wall socket where the boiler is plugged in.


If it turns out that the appliance is still faulty, please do not hesitate to call us if a code is shown on the display of the boiler, note this code and pass it on to the service engineer.
If you have a maintenance contract with us and our engineer determines that one of the above-mentioned points is the cause of a problem with your appliance, all additional costs will be charged to you.


Ventilating the heating system

Is there a bubbling or ticking in your heating or pipes? Or is your radiator not warming up properly? Then there may be air in your heating system. You can solve this by venting your heating system.

This video shows you how to ventilate your heating system:

Refilling the Central Heating boiler

Does your (floor) heating produce insufficient warmth? Probably the water pressure in your central heating boiler is too low. You can see this on the (mano) meter of your central heating boiler. If the water pressure is good, the meter will be in the green section. This is usually between 1 and 2 bar. If the gauge is in the red zone (less than 1 bar), top up your boiler.

In this video you see how to refill your boiler:

Unable to solve the problem yourself?

Then call our service number 06 – 41 150 150. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will assist you within 24 hours! You can prevent most central heating disruptions with proper maintenance. We therefore recommend that you check your system on a regular basis. So choose a maintenance contract from Allheating. You will avoid problems and inconvenience, extend the life of your boiler and save energy.


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