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Central heating boiler not working in The Hague?

A good working central heating boiler is of crucial importance, especially in a country like the Netherlands where the heating is used intensively for a large part of the year. In the area of The Hague, we are at your service quickly if your central heating boiler breaks down.

A Central heating breakdown never comes at a good time. Nobody likes to come home to a cold house and a lack of hot water quickly causes annoyance. Therefore, ensure that your boiler is always in good condition by having it checked annually by a heating engineer. This includes checking seals and fuses and replacing them if necessary. In many cases, this can help prevent the occurrence of a breakdown.

Solving a Central heating problem yourself

An initial problem with your heating can often still be solved by yourself. Do you suffer from a ticking radiator, for instance? It probably needs to be ventilated. Do you constantly have to reset your boiler because there is no hot water coming from the tap? There is a big chance that your central heating boiler needs to be topped up. The pressure of the boiler should be at least 1.5 bar, but you may top it up to 1.8 to 2 bar. Use our handy step-by-step plan for filling and venting a central heating boiler if you do not know how. If the radiators are not working, then check the thermostat as well. It is possible that it has lost connection with the boiler or that the battery is empty. It is also possible that there is no power to the boiler because the power supply is down or because the wall socket is broken. Check this by connecting another device to the wall socket of the boiler.

Does the problem persist? Despite the fact that you have maintained the central heating boiler well, a central heating breakdown can still occur. For example, this happens because of incorrectly connected or defective parts, a blockage in the outlet of the flue, problems or wear and tear in the wiring, etc. In such a case, it is best to call in a qualified engineer.

Call Allheating in the event of a Central heating breakdown

We do not recommend making any adjustments to the boiler other than those mentioned above. A boiler is a complex system and it is therefore better to call in the help of a professional. Fortunately, Allheating is always there for you in The Hague. You can rely on us when your central heating breaks down. Our engineers are on standby all year round, day and night and 7 days a week. We understand the inconvenience that a central heating breakdown causes and therefore we always ensure that you are assisted quickly and professionally.

One of our objectives is to provide excellent service. We understand how frustrating a breakdown can be and therefore do everything we can to offer you a satisfactory solution. We have many replacement parts in stock, so that we can often solve a breakdown immediately. As a customer, you are of course our first priority. Do you live in the The Hague area and does your central heating have problems? Please do not hesitate to contact us at 070 – 221 04 51 or complete the contact form.


1. Is the gas valve open?
2. Is the plug in the wall socket?
3. If the appliance has a pilot light, check whether this is still lit.
4. If the appliance has a Reset button, reset it. If a fault code reappears, note this down and pass it on to the technician.
5. Is the thermostat set sufficiently high and is it still working?
6. Is the pressure of the central heating installation high enough? If not, top it up, see the video on this site [see manufacturer’s manual].
7. Are there enough radiators left open?
8. Ventilate the central heating installation if necessary.
9. Check if there is power in the wall socket where the boiler is plugged in.


If it turns out that the appliance is still faulty, please feel free to call us if a code is shown on the display of the boiler, note this and pass it on to the engineer.
If you have a maintenance contract with us and our engineer determines that one of the above-mentioned points is the cause of a malfunction in your appliance, all costs will be invoiced to you.


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